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Christian Education

The key to your child's future

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Upcoming Events

21st September - Junior Talent Show

22nd September - Primary Talent Show

10th October - First Day of Term 4

15th November - Kindergarten Orientation

Prep at WCGS

The Pre-K Program at Westmead Christian Grammar School endeavours to prepare students for “big school” through guided experiences which engage children in developing essential skills as they move towards on their more formal learning journey.

Our environment provides the opportunity for children to securely explore the world around them, developing confidence in their own skills and their growing sense of self. We understand the importance of partnership between families and school, and appreciate the knowledge that parents can share with us about their children. We aim to build relationships with families based on trust and a mutual care for their children. Our programs are designed to develop the child’s whole person, integrating physical, cognitive, social, spiritual and emotional skill development. Through play-based learning and planned teaching experiences, children will be challenged to problem solve and engage with others.

K-6 at WCGS

Westmead Christian Grammar School is a Christian Primary school, which has been in operation since 1983. WCGS is a caring school, proud of its tradition of promoting academic excellence and Christian principles. The school is fully registered and accredited based on syllabus documents provided by the NSW Educational Standards Authority. The school has a small family atmosphere across all areas of the school community.

WCGS is located on the corner of Great Western Highway and Bridge Road Westmead, only minutes from Westmead Hospital and Parramatta CBD and walking distance from Westmead Station.


Westmead Christian Grammar School, has as its mission to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, through the provision of Christ-centred education.

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